EN PT-BR 19/02/2020 UTC


Airport not found

*Airport runway information is listed in order, by runway dimensions (length/width)
For runway selection at airports without ATC, consider not only surface winds, but also airport preferred runways, terrain, aircraft performance limitations, direction of flight, area weather, type of instrument approaches available, current flow of traffic, etc.
Pilots are reminded to self-announce their own position and intentions only; pilots must not instruct other pilots which runway to use
Script developed to aid in the determination of meteorological conditions for use in flight simulators for recreational purposes. Do not use for real world flights.
If you are flying in some virtual network (VATSIM or IVAO) and there is ATC at the destination airport check the ATIS in the network itself.
Transition altitude and transition level available only at the main Brazilian airports.
In case of errors found contact the script developer dev@webatis.xyz